Anker Innovation to focus on 5 major markets

Anker was founded in 2011 and now has a major hold on the mobile accessories industry. The fast charging technology introduced by the China based company with the quality and durability of the upgraded architecture has made Anker’s power banks and chargers one of the leading products in the Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets. The company has been working on major products for a while now and has also released them in the market.

The company announced that it will be focusing on 5 key brands under the patronage of Anker Innovations. It caters to entertainment, travel, and smart home industries.

Anker: Power banks, wall chargers, power strips, batteries, speakers and more.
Soundcore: Speakers and headphones.
Eufy: IoT home systems like robot cleaner, door camera, lights and more.
Nebula: Wireless projectors
Roav: Car chargers with Google Assistant, dash cams and more.


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